Zupreem Smartselects Macaws LP 4 Lb /1.81 Kg

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Smartselects Macaws LP 4 Lb /1.81 Kg

Preem Smart Selects Parrot & Conure Bird Food provides premium daily nutrition with a

ealthy and balanced alternative to the average bird food blend. This delicious food is full of

empting flavors, vibrant colors and a variety of shapes and textures. Your pet bird will love the

aste of wholesome grains, seeds and dried fruit that provide essential nutrients and

ntioxidants to keep him healthy and active. ZPreem Smart Selects delivers “smart” levels of

at and sodium along with probiotics to promote healthy digestion. Unlike other mixes, it leaves

ut sunflower seeds that are often High in carbs and fats and deficient in important nutrients.

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