VERSELE-LAGA Prestige Tropical Finches 1 kg

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Prestige-Tropical Finches-1kg

421617-Prestige Budgies 500gm

Versele Laga budgie prestige is a premium budgie food with a High nutritionary

value . It’s a multicolor seed combine and is appropriate for each budgies and tiny

parakeets. This mixture is ideally suited to meet the basic needs of your budgies.


Yellow Millet: 68 %

White Millet: 15 %

Acanary Seed: 8 %

Peeled Oats: 8 %

Red Millet: 6 %

Analytical constituents:

Protein: 12.5 %

Fat:13.0 %

Fibre:10.0 %

Ash:3.0 %

Calcium:0.101 %

Phosphorus:0.338 %

Magnesium:0.162 %

Potassium:0.436 %

Sodium:0.018 %

Oils And Fats: 6.5 %

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