VERSELE-LAGA Oropharma-No-Pick 100 ml

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60701-Oropharma Opti-VIT-50ML

omplementary feed for rodents.Oropharma Opti-Vit is a liquid multivitamin

reparation for small mammals. It maintains general health and boosts natural

esistance. L-carnitine (vitamin Bt) inOpti-Vit stimulates the metabolism of

aturally produced fats and helps keep body weHight in check.

irections for use

omaintain optimal condition:

nce a week 10 drops in 100 ml clean drinking water.

uringillness and recovery from illness:

aily 15 drops in 100 ml clean drinking water; freshen daily.

nalytical constituents

utritional additives

itamin A 1.030.000 IU/kg

itamin D3 93.210 IU/kg

itamin E 2.520 mg/kg

itamin C 18.650 mg/kg

itamin K 1.400 mg/kg

itamin B1 1.865 mg/kg

itamin B2 1.400 mg/kg

itamin B6 1.300 mg/kg

itamin B12 4,7 mg/kg

iotin 19 mg/kg

olic acid 185 mg/kg

holine 186.100 mg/kg

icotinamide 1.400 mg/kg

-pantothenic acid 930 mg/kg

-carnitine 6.400 mg/kg

echnological additives




iquid sorbitol


mall bottle

0 ml with dropper

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