CAT'S BEST Green Power 2.9 Kg

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Cat's Best Green Power 2.9KG
tubes to encourage foraging. If hay becomes wet, remove and replace it.

at's Best Green Power is an efficient, completely natural clumping cat litter free from artificial or

hemical additives. The cat litter is made from 100% renewable, untreated plant fibres, meaning

hat it is both compostable and 100% biodegradable. The extra fine grains are also eSpecially

entle on your cat's paws.

at's Best Green Power clumping cat litter contains green, organic hygiene pearls, which

unction as anatural odour blocker to stop unpleasant smells from developing. The unique

RS-OrganicFibre800-Technology also absorbs moisture and nasty odours into the fibre's core,

rapping bacteria and odours for long-term freshness. Thanks to the Highly efficient capillary

ction, this cat litter is capable ofup to 800% moisture absorption compared to its original


at's Best Green Power forms extra compact clumps, making it easy to remove any soiled litter

rom your cat's litter tray, while the bottom layer of litter can be left for up to 8 weeks. This means

hat Cat's Best Green Power cat litter is also very economical in use. Plus, for even more

onvenience, any waste clumps can be disposed of in the household toilet.

he wood fibres used to produce Cat's Best Green Power clumping cat litter are sourced from

omestic fir and spruce trees in sustainable forests. This is an environmentally-friendly, PEFC-

ertified product that also supports the natural biological cycle, from plant seedling to biologically

ecomposed product.

at's Best Green Power at a glance:

Highly efficient, completely natural clumping cat litter

With green plant-based hygiene pearls: natural odour blockers that stop bad odours

efore they even develop

JRS-OrganicFibre800-Technology: fibres absorb moisture and nasty odours, trapping

acteria and odours for long-term freshness

Extra fine granules: gentle on your cat's paws, making it ideal for cats that demand High

evels of comfort

Up to 800% moisture absorption: efficient capillary action for dry paws and optimal

iquid binding

Forms extra compact clumps: soiled litter is easy to remove without messy crumbling

Very economical: bottom layer of litter can be left for up to 8 weeks

Completely natural product: compostable and 100% biodegradable cat litter made from

he finest untreated, renewable plant fibres, with no artificial or chemical additives

PEFC-certified: with wood fibres sourced from domestic fir and spruce trees in

ustainable forests

Disposable in the household toilet: made from natural plant fibres, which dissolve in

ater just like toilet paper, preventing pipe blockages and problems with sewage

reatment – please flush using plenty of water

Environmentally friendly: supports the natural biological cycle

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